About Me

I’m just a devotee of Devi Maa. Someone who is blessed by her grace, her kindness and her motherly love.

Everything good in my life has been because of her blessings. Everything bad in my life has been because of my shortcomings.

I am neither deserving of such blessings nor am I capable of undertaking such a huge task. It’s just that Devi Maa’s compassion is boundless, forgiving, full of love and care.

Otherwise I know neither Sanskrit, nor history, nor scriptures, nor the rituals, nor the mantras. I’ve neither studied formally, nor have any degree, nor I have been initiated by any guru. Also, no one has told me, asked me or instructed me to undertake this journey to all Shakti Peetha.

I just want to find excuses to worship her, read more about her, visit more of her places, devote my time thinking about her.

As the verse in Durga Chalisa says:

जब लगि जिऊँ दया फल पाऊँ ।
तुम्हरो यश मैं सदा सुनाऊँ ॥

O Mother! May I be the receptacle of your grace as long as I live, ever recounting the feats of your glory to all.

I hope Devi Maa blesses me in this journey and may I complete it.