Welcome to Devi Shakti Peetha. Our aim is to travel to all 108 Shakti Peetha of Devi Maa and Document them on this site.

Our future goal is to make this information accessible to people in multiple formats like books and in multiple languages. So more people can visit the divine Shakti Peetha of Devi Maa.


Some books I purchased and using as a reference for this tracking


  • 108 Divya Shakti Peeth Book by Banwari Lal Kanchal (Using primarily for the category)
  • ShaktiPeeth Darshan by Radhey Shyam Khemka, Gitapress Gorakhpur
  • Shakti, the 51 Sacred Peethas of the Goddess by Alka Pande

Online Sources