Shakti Peetha Traveled By Me

Tracking all the Shakti Peetha Traveled So Far By Me

There are 108 Shakti Peeth and I’m tracking from 2023 visits:

#Name of the PeethWhereLatest VisitTypeCounter
1.Gadh KalikaUjjain, MPMarch 2023From Tripura Rahasya Mahatamya1/2
2.Chamundeshwari DeviMysore, KarnatakaMay 2023Shakti Peeth1/53
3.Harsiddhi TempleUjjain, MPMay 2023Shakti Peeth2/53
4.Vimla Devi TemplePuri, OdishaFebruary 2016Shakti Peeth3/53
Maya DeviHaridwar, UttarakhandPlanned in July 2023Sam Shakti Peeth1/21
Brahmarambika Devi TempleShri Shailam, APPlanned in August 2023Shakti Peeth
Dakshina Kali (Jaya Durga Devi), Kalighat TempleKolkata, West BengalPlanned in 2023
Total Visited4/108
List of all Shakti Peetha traveled by me

(There are probably more Shakti Peetha I’ve visited, especially in childhood or without knowing / remembering about it. Like in Gujarat when I was 1-2 years old. I probably missed visiting some too like when I was in Nepal. Regardless, I’d like to visit them again and so I’m not mentioning them.)

Legend Used to Categorize the Shakti Peetha:

  • 53 Shakti Peetha – Considered main across scriptures like Purana
  • 21 Sam Shakti Peetha – Where there are differences on exact locations of the Shakti Peetha
  • 23 Up Shakti Peth – Where Devi Maa’s ornaments fell. Originally 29, 6 no longer exist.
  • 9 Shakti Peetha from Ashta Dash, written by Adi Shankaracharya. Out of 18 mentioned, 9 of these are not part of the main 53 Shakti Peetha.
  • 2 Shakti Peetha from Tripura Rahasya Mahatamya, there are many mentioned here, out of which 2 are not part of the main 53 Shakti Peetha.
  • Total 108 Shakti Peeth

Some Shakti Peetha are considered to be lost or no longer accessible by ordinary people.